If you're looking to train your workforce or customer base we can help. With web, Android and iOS options your staff can access your training when and where suits them using our continuous learning platform.


Key features:

  • Mobile Apps and Web Engagement

  • Create and manage your own courses,

  • Allocate to different groups of staff to courses,

  • Verify knowledge through quizzes,

  • Knowledge base for Frequently Asked Questions

  • Continuous learning

  • Drip feed content over an extended period

  • Notifications platform

  • API integrations


Knowledge Hub

IMG_4541 2.PNG

Have you seen our knowledge hub?


Your staff or users may have a range of questions. Our knowledge base is the fastest and easiest way to diseminate corporate knowledge. Your staff can install the BabbleSnap app on their phone, and access your knowledge anywhere, anytime. 

You can create, update and structure your knowledge base at any time. W
e also track all searches so you can identify new topics to add to your knowledge base over time.

Intelligent Learning

Our intelligent learning pathways allow you to create and manage your own content over time. 

We can:

  • Allocate pathways to different cohorts.

  • Reuse content in many pathways

  • Share text, videos, files and more

  • Quiz your users - we can even quiz users at a later date to confirm knowledge retention.

  • Provide certificates 

  • Report on learners status and results

  • Drip feed content over time - to avoid your learners suffering from information overload we can meter content out over any duration you desire.